Pitch Day

Last Friday was Pitch Day. On Pitch Day we talked about our passion to families and administrators of our school. We had to prepare a speech and give a presentation to the class before Pitch Day. And it was to get us less nervous about Pitch Day itself but most people were more nervous to talk to their classmates than to random people we were never going to talk to again.

I felt that I learned my speech very well, I practiced it but I kept getting scared I would forget one snippet of it and lose track of where I am. But on Pitch Day while I was talking whenever I lost my spot I just looked at my iPad for a moment and kept talking. I got some insight on my passion and what I could do which was very helpful. The people who listened to me and asked questions somehow made it easier, and I think it was knowing that at least they were listening.

Overall it was fun and a lot quicker than I thought. I think a few had a hard time hearing me. I tried to speak louder and yelled a small bit. One of the attendees also got really close to me and it made me feel uncomfortable. I had to slightly sit on the table so their face wouldn’t be so close. It was really nice to talk about my passion and after a while it started to become talking about my passion than a rehearsed speech. Usually I would had become red and started sweating a lot but after a while I stopped doing that and it was kind of a first for me.

Contacting authority in my Passion

I’m going to contact my 2nd period teacher, although I am not looking to pursue a teaching career, I feel that his knowledge of html and programming can greatly assist me as well as being able to communicate with him on a daily basis. I believe I can get more information and if I have more questions, I can easily ask another day rather than making another phone call. I will need to find time to ask my 2nd period teacher out of class in order to not interrupt class time. When I find a proper time, I will already know what I’m going to say.

“Hi Mr. ~~, I’m working on helping my mom make a website for her business. I’m trying to help each of my family members in a different way and I thought this would be a good way to start out. Can you help me answer some questions and show me certain things I don’t understand?”

“Have you created websites for other people or yourself with a domain more than once? Is there a way to get a domain without buying one from websites such as godaddy? Why is maintaining a website on a monthly basis important if nothing is needed to be updated? What is the best way to learn more about html?”

Researching Webpage Creation

I’ve researched my questions and found that you can look into companies such as godaddy to buy a domain name to publish a website. I’ve explored the website and found that it has website assistance that can easily be used with lesser knowledge of html. This helps me with the limited things I know and have ability to do with html. I’ve also found that 18 meta tags are recommended whilst I only know 2. I looked closer to these 18 and see that some are not important for me to know. Such as majority of social media tags that can be added in html. Java can be used to embed elements into an html page but using an applet code although it is unnecessary. Although it allows for a much more interactive webpage. With what I have found I know that creating a web page is much easier than I thought. I believe I have enough knowledge to create one.

Finding my way to helping my family

I want to help each family member in a way they would not had expected. I would like to research topics about what exactly I can do and which way I can. For my oldest sister, she is very interested in feminism and I could learn more about the topic. I can research further into html to help my mother create a better website for her business. My English academic goals are to read a high level than I currently do. I would also like to learn a more varied vocabulary on a regular basis. And I’ve recently found out that I’m very bad in proper sentence formation, I hopefully will be able to correct that. I can contact my html teacher to learn certain skills, but since I am not in the advanced class I cannot do to much. It will be a better source than googling everything. My first focus is to help create a better website, the current one my mother has, she must pay extra to have someone check up on it regularly. I can help with that. I have five questions for my html teacher when creating a website. With the knowledge I have learned in the beginners class, can I create a basic website that will function? Do I need to learn more about meta tags, I am unsure if there is more that there is needed. In order to integrate certain things other than words, such as a game like feature, do I need to use other programming languages like java? How many lines of code does an html page average? What do I do with the code in order to buy a domain and upload?

Passionate about my Family

I am passionate about my family. We always support each other and give one another assistance through life. My goal is to push the limits in the way I am able to help them, and make it easier in anyway possible. My purpose is to hopefully be recognized as a helpful citizen in my family, doing things I don’t need to. My passion has grown (literally) my entire life, I hope to give back to my family.